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My name is Jasmine Grondin and I’m embarking on a journey with my family to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m confident that all of us can agree that the world is very fast paced and we are all taking part in draining the earth of its resources.

Our goal is to sell our home and buy land in the Saskatoon, SK area to homestead on and get back to the more natural way of life that our ancestors lived.

……..Did I mention I’m a total newbie???

I wasn’t raised in a household that was self sufficient but in starting my own family with my husband, Jordan, we decided that we want to homestead and farm. This wasn’t a decision that we made lightly, it’s been about 5 years in the making!

Comment, share, laugh, and love with us as we share our experiences with you and hopefully help and inspire people all over the world to become more self sufficient and healthy!

Light and Love,


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